26th Sep 2021

New tours coming soon

Whilst the calendar on our website lists a fantastic range of tours for 2022 and beyond, we are planning on releasing details of some additional trips over the coming weeks

Whilst the calendar on our website lists a fantastic range of tours for 2022 and beyond, we are planning on releasing details of some additional trips over the coming weeks and a summary of some of these is below.

If any of are of interest to you, please contact us and we will send you further information as soon as the trip details are confirmed. With none of us able to travel over the last 18 months, we are expecting high demand so registering an “expression of interest” assures you of being notified when the trip is finalised:


Georgia – combining the high Caucasus mountains with lowland steppe, this trip will look for some special birds such as Caucasian Snowcock, Caucasian Grouse, Great Rosefinch and Güldenstädt’s Redstart

French Pyrenees – a leisurely tour visiting our nearest neighbour looking for Lammergeier, Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, Citril Finch, as well as lots of spectacular scenery.

Spain: Wings across the Strait – an opportunity to enjoy the migration in southern Spain as millions of birds cross the Strait of Gibraltar on their way to their African wintering grounds. Expect plenty of migrating storks and eagles, plus some of the special birds of southern Spain such as Black Wheatear.

Danube Delta and Transylvania – explore this amazing wetland but also look for woodpeckers, owls and other species in the forests.

Spain: Wolves, Bears, Wild Cat and Wallcreepers – an itinerary with a difference in northern Spain looking for some special mammals as well as some great montane birds.

Holland: Wild Goose Chase – a welcome return of our trip to the Netherlands to look for wintering geese and much more.

Spain: La Mancha – an opportunity to visit Spain as winter starts to arrive with opportunities to see birds such as White-headed Duck, Red-knobbed Coot and Moustached Warbler as well as the special birds of Monfrague National Park where we can expect to find the endemic Spanish Imperial Eagle.

Red-breasted Geese in Winter – we will go in search of flocks of this most handsome bird which many would regard as the best looking goose in the world.

North America

Canada: Point Pelee – a visit to one of the world’s premier migration hot spots looking especially for the colourful North America warblers.

New England – an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular autumnal colours of “the Fall” plus some great North American birds.

Central and South America

Costa Rica – although currently on the ‘red list’, we hope that the virus situation will stabilise soon and we will be able to offer a trip to this classic destination in the Spring.

Guyana – an opportunity to visit the only English speaking country in South America and enjoy an amazing canopy walkway, Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock, colourful cotingas and toucans but also visit the savannahs for Giant Anteater. We will also visit a nearby Harpy Eagle nest if this is occupied.


Morocco: High Atlas and Sahara in the Spring – a combination of the special birds of the desert and mountains with opportunities to see Spring migrants heading north. Expect a multitude of larks, as we also look for Northern Bald Ibis, Desert Sparrow and much more.

Morocco: Agadir in the Autumn – a somewhat different itinerary to our spring trip with more emphasis on the south.


China: Cranes, Mergansers and Pheasants – we are anticipating this winter trip to China will be extremely popular as it combines some of the most exciting birds in China with the species list including mouth-watering species such as Cabot’s Tragopan, Elliot’s Pheasant, Siberian, Hooded, Red-crowned and White-naped Cranes and the little known Scaly-sided Merganser.

Goa, India – due to the virus situation in India, we have decided it is not appropriate to run our popular tour to this bird-rich state in early 2022 but it will most definitely be back in early 2023.

Vietnam - an opportunity to visit this rarely visited country which is home to some spectacular endemics.

Australasia and the Pacific

New Zealand – a comprehensive tour looking for many of the endemics including the extraordinary Wrybill, the only bird in the world with a bill which tilts to the right. Also enjoy close up views of albatrosses on our private pelagics.