After 36 years at the helm of Limosa, Chris and Barbara Kightley have decided to retire, and I would like to start by wishing them a long and happy retirement. Whilst Limosa is, therefore, under new ownership, we plan to continue offering the same high-quality holidays with many of the guides who, between them, have led hundreds of Limosa holidays.

Collared Laughingthrush Luyen Nguyen-Vietnam Birding

With so much uncertainty due to the pandemic and restrictions on entering and leaving the UK, our approach is going to be to wait until there is greater clarity before accepting reservations. Other companies may be willing to take deposits and tell you they are planning on operating trips in the coming months but until it is possible to travel safely and without too many restrictions, we intend to refrain from publishing precise dates or take bookings for trips. Like many of you, we are desperately keen to head off to some of the amazing destinations Limosa has taken clients to over the last 36 years but until the vaccination programme has rolled out further, we believe our approach is both honest and realistic.


Looking beyond the pandemic, we are working hard behind the scenes to not only offer you many of the Limosa ‘old favourites’ which have operated so successfully for many years but also a range of new and exciting itineraries.


So, to whet your appetite for what we plan to offer once travel restarts, here is a taster of many of the tours we are planning. If you would like to register your interest in any of these, please send your details using our online form. When we are confident these tours can run, you will be the first to know and at the head of the queue as we expect high demand!


We are also excited to inform you that the company which now owns Limosa has also recently acquired WildWings and in the coming months we will be announcing some exciting collaborative ventures between Limosa and WildWings.


Chris Collins

Limosa Holidays

Our Tour Leaders

Great leaders make for great tours and, naturally, we are very proud of those who work with us. It goes without saying that our guides are first-class birders and naturalists, with many years of experience both in the field and in leading tours. Just as important, you will find them enthusiastic, professional and approachable, eager to share their knowledge with you and imbued with Limosa’s trademark friendly and easy-going style.

Above all, they never lose sight of the fact that they are there to ensure everyone has a good time seeing lots of great birds and wildlife, whilst enjoying the best possible holiday experience.


Our team of Principal Leaders is backed by a network of first-rate specialist agents and co-leaders that include some of the world’s top regional experts and local guides. Where possible, and especially in developing countries, we seek to support the services of local guides. On certain tours eg Australia, Hungary, Brazil, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia, our local guides possess an intimacy of the destination that simply can’t be matched. They often know the whereabouts of those sought-after specialities and we are constantly astounded by their skill and ability to track down and coax into view even the shiest and most skulking of birds and animals.


On many tours, a Limosa guide will travel with the group on our recommended flight from London. On some trips, such as where our guide is based in the destination country, is not resident in the UK or has travelled out in advance of the tour, they may not accompany the group on the flights.


We strive to ensure that all guides accompany their stated tours but in assigning leaders eighteen months or more in advance we reserve the right to substitute a leader/s.

Arnoud van den Berg

Arnoud lives in the Netherlands, where he is chief editor and founder of Dutch Birding magazine, as well as being one of the core members of the ground-breaking Sound Approach team.
Well known for his bird photography, Arnoud has also been recording bird sounds since the days when this involved lugging a bulky tape recorder around the world.


An integral part of the Limosa team since 1991, when he masterminded our first Dutch Wild Goose Chase, Arnoud’s relaxed and cheery disposition fits perfectly the Limosa style. His many tours for Limosa over the past 30 years have taken him across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, including 30 or more trips to both the Netherlands and Morocco.


Indeed, Arnoud has led the vast majority of Limosa’s tours to Morocco over the past 30 years. His network of local contacts and extensive knowledge of Morocco, its special birds and where to find them is second to none.

Colin Bushell

A birder since his teens, Colin lives in Easington in East Yorkshire, where he works as both a professional bird tour guide and freelance ornithologist for ecology consultancies.


His first forays into overseas birding were to Majorca, Austria, Greece and Morocco, before the draw of the tropics became irresistible! After exploring Africa and the Far East, Colin immersed himself in Central and South America, becoming a frequent visitor (particularly to Peru and Brazil) amassing a wealth of experience leading bird tours to the ‘Bird Continent’ for over more than 20 years.  Since then, his interests have widened, and he now has considerable experience in leading tours in Asia.


With a keen interest in migration and bird identification, Colin has led tours throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including Thailand and Taiwan. Colin lives with his wife and two chocolate Labradors near Spurn, where he spends his spare time searching for migrant birds and rare vagrants from the East!

Chris Charlesworth

Canadian Chris began birding at the age of ten, with a passion for birds that has remained with him and ultimately inspired him to guide birding tours.


He lives in British Columbia (Canada) and has travelled extensively throughout his native North America. Since earning his “Limosa wings” in the early 2000s, he has led many of our tours across the pond, including those to Arizona, Texas, California, Washington State, Oregon, Ontario (Point Pelee), the Canadian Rockies, Alberta and British Columbia (including Vancouver Island).


Chris is excellent company and has developed quite a following among Limosa travellers over the years. He derives great pleasure from sharing his experience on tour and his knowledge of North America’s birds and their calls is right out of the top drawer. With a little coaxing, he may even be persuaded to demonstrate his repertoire of North American ‘owl imitations’ on tour which is rumoured to be quite entertaining!

Robin Chittenden

Robin is a Principal Limosa guide who lives in Norfolk with his wife and family. He is an excellent ornithologist and all-round naturalist with a wide-ranging repertoire of Limosa tours.


Well known as a top wildlife photographer, Robin is a photographic consultant for British Birds magazine and one of the wildlife photographers for Natural England. When he is not guiding for Limosa or out and about with his camera, he runs Birdline East Anglia, the regional information service for birdwatchers.


Over the years, Robin’s travels for Limosa have taken him everywhere from Portugal to the Gambia and Costa Rica to Sri Lanka, plus he has also visited eastern Europe many times for us, with our tours to Romania and Bulgaria.

Lee Kok Chung

‘Mr Lee’ is our resident English-speaking wildlife expert living in Malaysia with his young family and is a very experienced bird tour guide.


His organisational skills are of the highest order; his eyesight and hearing are astounding, and you will find he is good fun too! Lee has co-led our recent tours to the Malay Peninsula, as well as to Borneo and is looking forward to our new tour Across the Wallace Line to Northern Sulawesi & Halmahera which we plan to launch in 2023.

Chris Colins

Chris is Managing Director and owner of Birds and Wildlife Limited, the company that now owns Limosa and is based in Surrey.


He is a highly experienced wildlife guide and over the last 20 years has led tours to a wide variety of destinations around the world including Antarctica, the Russian Far East, Brazilian Amazon, Mexico, New Zealand subantarctic islands and the West and Central Pacific. 


Chris is considered a leading expert on Pacific seabirds and has spent the equivalent of over three years at sea guiding groups looking for seabirds and marine mammals.  Indeed, during his marine travels, he has seen over 60 species of cetaceans (ie whales and dolphins) as well as the vast majority of the world’s seabirds.


Chris is also very much at home guiding trips elsewhere and one of his current personal favourite destinations is a tour he developed in the Amazon travelling from Manaus to Santarem where we look for thirty species of primates and some very localised birds.

Andrea Corso

When it comes to birding, Andrea is “Mr Sicily”! Born and raised in Siracusa, in southeast Sicily, he is the island’s foremost ornithologist and one of the leading voices in birdwatching and conservation in Italy.


A prolific writer, ornithological consultant and advisor, Andrea is author of the Avifauna di Sicilia and has written or co-authored a further 300 or so books, papers and articles, covering everything from bird migration, identification and taxonomy to the status and distribution of birds within Italy and Europe. He is the Italian authority for Dutch Birding and Birdwatch magazines writing his country’s bird reports for both publications.


Andrea has co-ordinated or taken part in dozens of ornithological research projects in Italy and overseas for conservation bodies including LIPU, WWF, RSPB and BirdLife International. During the course of his work, he has also travelled extensively within the Western Palearctic, as well as visiting Russia and Asia several times.


Andrea still lives at Siracusa, watching birds and enjoying island life; and says he would never change this town for any other; given the beauty of the region who can blame him! With his natural enthusiasm, infectious humour and Italian charm and not to mention a fine singing voice, we are indeed honoured to have him join us as ornithological consultant on our Sicily trips.

Carl Downing

Carl began bird watching in 1973 at the age of seven. His first foray onto the International Scene was in 1980 with a trip to the Austrian Alps. Since then, he has travelled extensively in Europe and the USA with trips to Southeast Asia and Africa.


However, in 1991 Carl was part of a successful conservation expedition to Colombia which resulted in the discovery of the Choco Vireo and developed his love of the country. He has since spent the last 30 years travelling and guiding throughout Colombia; his first tour being back in 1995. His experience in Latin America also extends to Venezuela, Brazil and Costa Rica.


Carl is also an award-winning sports and wildlife photographer and runs local workshops on the subject.

Gary Elton

Gary is a Principal Limosa guide who lives in Norfolk, dividing his time between guiding and working at Holme Bird Observatory on the Norfolk coast.


A former Herts Bird Club committee member and warden of a local nature reserve in north London (where he lived and birded for over 35 years), he is a qualified ringer with a particular fascination for studying bird migration.


Gary’s growing repertoire of overseas tours for us includes Greece, Spain, Estonia, Iceland, Gambia, Borneo, Sri Lanka, Florida, Mexico and Panama. He also not infrequently pops up on TV wildlife programmes having featured on everything from Springwatch to Bill Bailey’s Birdwatching Bonanza. Gary is good fun, easy going and has an infectious enthusiasm for birdwatching.

Fernando Enrique

Fernando is our resident Spanish expert, a bird tour guide, all-round naturalist, and biologist whose home is at Algeciras overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar.


As a child, he was fascinated by the raptors that formed flocks above his home and being born in the Strait, Europe’s most important bird migration route, helped shape his love of birds and nature. At 18, Fernando became one of the youngest bird ringers in Spain, while his eagerness to learn about more and more species led him to travel widely in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central America.


Despite his relatively young age, he has already worked on projects involving Montagu’s Harriers, Lesser Kestrels, Griffon Vultures and White Storks, as well as studying the effects of wind farms on birds. Spanish is Fernando’s first language, but his command of English is excellent, and he is a delight to travel with, earning rave reviews from participants.


He leads our tours to Central America, as well as many of those across the Iberian Peninsula. Having lived and worked in North, Central and Southern Spain, he knows the birds of all these regions exceptionally well.

David Fairhurst

For as long as he can remember, David has been passionate about birds and wildlife. This has led to a varied 20+ year career in conservation (working largely for the RSPB) and guiding bird and wildlife tours.


His work has taken him to all four corners of the UK, from studying Wood Larks in Dorset to tour leading in Shetland, although he is currently busy setting up the new RSPB reserve near Snape (Suffolk). David has also been involved in some fascinating projects around the world, ranging from studying Griffon Vultures in Israel to restoring fragile ecosystems on the Seychelles.  He has travelled far and wide in pursuit of birds, including trips across Europe, Chile and South Africa.


David now lives on the Suffolk coast with his wife and two young daughters. He is not only an exceptional birder, currently serving as a member of the British Birds Rarities Committee, but an accomplished all-round naturalist with great enthusiasm and humour, as well as excellent leadership and amazing (almost spooky) bird finding skills.

Gabor Orban

Gábor participated in his first birding camp during the 1970s as a young boy at Lake Kondor in Hungary and quickly became fascinated by birds. He later broadened his interest to include other wildlife, particularly mammals and butterflies.


Gábor began leading tours in the 1980s, at first within Hungary, then to other Eastern European countries and beyond. He became a licenced professional birdwatching and nature guide in the 1990s and today leads numerous birding, nature and culture, butterfly, and photo tours to destinations worldwide.


Those who have travelled with Gábor will undoubtedly agree that he is passionate to share his knowledge not only of the natural world, but also the history and culture of the country in which he is leading.


Gábor and his wife Andrea are based at Kondor Eco-Lodge in Hungary, where we stay for our Birds & Butterflies tour in June.

Peter Taylor

Peter is ‘our man in Australia’. Although originally from Stockport in the UK, Peter spent his teenage years at Adelaide in South Australia and has since birded extensively across this great continent.


For more than 20 years he has lived in the tall timber country of Manjimup (south of Perth), in Western Australia which is a hotspot for endemic birds and plants. Having forsaken a comfortable career with the government to follow his true passion for birds and birding, Peter now works full-time as a naturalist and bird and wildlife tour guide.


A naturalised Australian, who emigrated as a child with his parents as a ‘£10 Pom’ in the 1960s, he is the perfect guide for Limosa’s Australia tours. He has led our Eastern Australia tour since 2008 and guides our other Australia itineraries, including our popular Western Oz tour which has run since 2009.

David Walsh

David lives in Suffolk, where he has recently retired from full-time teaching, although he continues to do part-time maths tutoring; he enjoys singing in various local choirs. He has been a keen birdwatcher since his primary school days and still has his notebooks from the early 1970s to prove it! David ran bird clubs at his schools and is proud of the fact that several of the boys who he inspired as 11-year-olds are now working in full-time conservation; he continues to encourage young birdwatchers whenever possible. David co-ordinates the submission of Suffolk’s records to the national Rare Breeding Birds Panel.


In 2008 he used a sabbatical to spend three months in Southeast Asia, which included a successful quest to find the endangered White-eared Night Heron in Vietnam. At home in Suffolk, he puts his love of bird songs and calls to good use, running surveys to monitor breeding birds in the spring and searching out migrant passerines in the autumn.


David has been leading tours on and off since 1986 and in the last 10 years has focused on Europe, North Africa, Asia, and South America. He has enjoyed developing his interest in butterflies and dragonflies as well as birds. David’s boundless energy and enthusiasm, coupled with a determination to ensure that everyone in the group sees the birds, has made him popular with clients both on the tours he led for Ornitholidays between 2007 and 2018 and, more recently, since becoming part of the Limosa team in 2019.

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